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"A Lighter Load"

Most of us have heard at one time or another “That burden is much too heavy for you- you’re just too hard on yourself!”  And those that hear this statement know full well that what’s being said is true.  But why are we so hard on ourselves?  And why do we have such a hard time turning over to God our heavy loads?

Let me say right up front that I’m no expert on human behavior.  But I do know that I often carry heavy loads for these reasons: 1) I don’t trust anyone else to carry them, 2) I want to maintain control of my life, 3) I don’t want to bother anyone else, 4) I don’t want people to know I’m struggling, and/or  5) I don’t trust them to God and His care.  And these are only a few reasons!

So why are we so hard on ourselves?  Most of us, I think, often carry heavy loads because we think we have to carry them, that it’s our job, or something.  Perhaps we think we should be better people- stronger, smarter, patient and capable, or more trusting, more faithful. 

A guy named Nicodemus went to Jesus with some heavy things on his heart (John 3).  And when Jesus told him He must release control of his life and fully trust Jesus as his Savior and Lord, Nicodemus didn’t understand! Could Nicodemus have been way too hard on himself? What load was he carrying? Perhaps his expectations of himself were far beyond what he could ever do!   

Pastor Mike 

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“Following Our Dreams” is the #1 sermon so far this year! Enjoy!

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