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God Among Us

The story is told about a community of monks that lived in the desert.  The community had existed for years, and the members were getting old and feeble.  The leader of this religious group realized also that no new monks were joining their ranks- the existing monks were slowly dying off.  So in an effort to renew this group, and possibly come up with a way to put new life back into this “dying” group, the old monk visited a wise old sage who lived in another part of the barren desert.  “What shall we do?” said the man to the old sage, “We are dying, and there’s no one to carry on after us.”

“I can tell you the secret,” said the old desert-dweller, “But as you tell this to all your brothers, remind them that they cannot repeat it to one another.  Only you can share this with each of the monks in your community.”  The monk exclaimed, “Please tell me.  We need something to give us new life.”  At that point the old sage looked at him long and hard and said, "The secret is that among you, in one of you, is the very God you worship!”

With newfound joy, the monk went back to his community and told each of his monks, individually, the secret. And lo, as they began to search for the God who lives in one another they grew, they loved; they served one another. They became very strong, they became very alive again.  And from that day on, the community of monks saw God in one another and flourished!

Finally, as we begin to realize and live into this thing we call Easter, I encourage you to look for Jesus in the world around you. Seek out, touch, serve and love the Risen Christ who is all around you, within the people you love, within the people you have yet to meet on the Easter journey!

Pastor Mike

Worship Sunday at 10.00 AM

If you're seeking a Traditional worship experience, this service is designed for you. Each week worship includes traditional hymns, prayer throughout, shared wisdom from the kids before they go off to Children's Church, and a word from Pastor Mike. The Sacrament of Holy Communion is celebrated the first Sunday of each month.

“Following Our Dreams” is the #1 sermon from 2018! Enjoy!

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