At First United Methodist Church of Yuma, Arizona, we firmly believe you can “Belong, Believe, and Become!” 

Here in our faith fellowship you can:

·      Belong- to a refuge where you can experience love, acceptance, hope, forgiveness, meaning and spiritual growth.

·      Believe- in God who is by your side; find a place of worship, praise, joy, and learning where you can discover the reality of God through a strong faith built on Jesus, His Son.

·      Become- a faith-filled, active, person, learning to reach out into an environment that challenges you to become all that God has created you to be.

Yes, Yuma 1st is Directed by God, Driven by the Spirit, and Active in the World.

Join us as we grow into a family of believers, bringing people to God and God to people, all for God’s glory.

Welcome to our family!

Rev. Michael Bryant, Pastor