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“Why Should I Pray?”

Have you ever asked yourself “Why do I pray?”  Or perhaps you have asked yourself at times, “Why should I pray?”  Or you have said to yourself, “I’m too angry to pray right now!”  So, what are the best reasons to pray?  

I have learned over the years that people pray for several different reasons.  Some people pray to get answers.  I think these folks are seeking both guidance and solutions in their lives and in the lives of others.  Some people pray because they are afraid and seek to be comforted.  Some have said they pray simply to fulfill a duty (Jesus commands us to pray- see Luke 18.1-8).  Many pray to glorify God- to praise Him and to honor Him.  Within the challenges of life many pray for God’s direction.  And many people pray for healing.  Still others pray to complain to God- to plead their case before Him- and often to vent their anger at God.  There are many reasons to pray.  But is there a reason that we should pray?  And if so, what is that reason?  

My reasons to pray are the best for me!  And one of my favorite reasons to pray is to lay myself before God, to offer Him my weaknesses and failures, all the times I came up short, and to allow Him to shape me into His image- to change me into the person God wants me to be.  And in this process, this life-long journey of prayer, I begin to know God intimately.  I pray, then, so that intuitively, I want daily what God wants for me and for others!

Pastor Mike

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