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“Mr. Goodwrench”

I think it’s fair to say that many of our dads could be known as “Mr. Goodwrench.”  In fact Howard, my dad, had 3 or 4 of everything when it came to tools.  His neighbor buddy used to say “Yep, Howard has every tool under the sun, and then some.”  I remember when Wendy and I were cleaning and sorting over at the Sun Lakes house (where my folks lived before they died). It was then that I realized I would never be out of tools.  Although I have a ways to go, I’m getting better at being Mr. Goodwrench! 

My dad not only had a tool for everything, he could fix anything.  Mind you he had his own very creative ways of fixing things.   There used to be wires running all over the house, inside and out- not sure where they went, but my dad was good at stringing wires.  Yes, it was my dad who taught me to take screws and bolts out of things around the house to fix broken things- trouble is I never (neither did he) replace the screws I “borrow!”  All in all I think being Mr. Goodwrench is a good thing, though!

Some of Jesus’ final words to his close friends were to “go into the world and make disciples (followers) of all nations.”  They must have asked themselves “how are we going to do that- we’re just simple fishermen- we don’t have the tools for this job,” but I’m thinking Mr. Goodwrench kicked into action when the Holy Spirit filled these men with the passion and wisdom they needed to become preachers, teachers and healers, which, according to the book of Acts is how the early church was formed.

Finally, as we celebrate Father’s Day this coming Sunday, and remember all the qualities of our fathers, and all of their many talents, I invite you to acknowledge our Heavenly Father, and praise and thank Him for your dad- for love- for life- for being there when you needed him- for the ways in which all our “fathers” have shaped and formed us into the persons we are today.

“Thank you, dad; I will always love you.”

Pastor Mike

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