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"What Time Is It?"

What with the stormy weather we’ve had off and on lately in Yuma I’m reminded of coming home (or getting up in the morning) and seeing our digital clocks flashing.  Obviously, in this case, we had another power outage at the house, and with the break in power, our clocks need to be reset.  The problem we face as go around from room to room resetting the clocks is 1) what time is it, and 2) which clock, or source of time (internet, phone, or wrist watch) is the correct time? 

Recently I learned that CNN uses “Beat Time,” also referred to as “Internet time.”   In fact, global corporations are turning to it (Amazon uses Coordinated Universal Time through a series of satellites). It’s reported that the Swatch Watch Corporation, headquartered in Switzerland, came up with this revolutionary new idea: synchronizing the world's timepieces on only one time.  No more Eastern Standard or Mountain Standard time, for example. The result would look like this: With Beat Time the world would always be in the same time zone. When it's 750 beats in Cleveland, it's also 750 in Los Angeles, Rome, England, China, Russia, Tokyo, Africa and Australia!

Finally, as we barrel into this New Year, I believe God has good things for us on the horizon and it’s high time for God’s purpose and plan to take shape at Yuma 1st. Yes, it’s always time- God’s time- for us to seek positive and productive change in our lives!

Pastor Mike 

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“Following Our Dreams” is the #1 sermon so far this year! Enjoy!

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