God Keeps Coming for You!

 I was watching an episode of Chicago Fire recently. As the crew was searching for survivors in a burning building the Fire Chief ordered the 2-man rescue team to get out of the building. It seems there was a gas leak somewhere, and the Chief was convinced that the whole building was going to burst into flames. In a sense, he ordered the men inside to run for their lives because the fire was coming for them.

 Another story of being soundly pursued is that of the Fugitive- the movie, especially. Remember the bus wreck and the ensuing chase through the woods? I remember the bloodhounds being in hot pursuit of the Fugitive! They were going to get their man no matter what!

 “Run for your life! God is coming for you!” must have been on Jonah’s mind. One of my favorite aspects of the story of Jonah is that regardless how hard Jonah tries to run away from God, God is always coming for him- always.

 Finally in the midst of our Lenten journey as we have been striving to turn back toward God, I invite you to be assured that God is not giving up on you. Sure you can run. Yes you can hide. Indeed you can busy yourselves with other things in life. But take some sound advice from Jonah: You cannot get away; you better believe that God is coming for you- always!

See you Sunday,

                  Pastor Mike

Worship Sunday at 10.00 AM

If you're seeking a Traditional worship experience, this service is designed for you. Each week worship includes traditional hymns, prayer throughout, shared wisdom from the kids before they go off to Children's Church, and a word from Pastor Mike. The Sacrament of Holy Communion is celebrated the first Sunday of each month.


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