Coming this Sunday August 20, 2017

                                Signs of the Times

 Not too long ago I had an interesting conversation with someone about the youth of today.  It seems this person has been somewhat “out of touch” over the last several years, and what they see in today’s teenagers is not the way things used to be… in other words, the signs of the times, or the messages today’s youth are sending, according to my elderly friend, anyway, are virtually unintelligible. Yes, I think a lot can be said for “signs.”

 Wendy and I noticed that the “stop” signs in Israel are quite unique.  Although they are a red hexagon (like we have in the United States), Israel’s sign has a large white open hand with the open palm at the bottom, and the tips of the fingers pointing up—and this is Israel’s way of saying “stop” in any language!

 I think most urgent in many of our minds, however, is the current nuclear missile crisis with North Korea. And although a lot of rhetoric has been tossed back and forth on the news wire, it is still a very scary proposal- many folks are praying for God’s wise intervention!

 Finally, what signs do we display to the world?  Do we send signals that clearly say that we are faithful followers of Jesus?  In what way do “the signs of our times” inspire us to be ever-more-faithful servants of Christ, and trust ourselves to God’s care?  

                Pastor Mike


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