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Coming Sunday, September 23rd

"More or Less- the Truth of the Matter!"

It seems to me that there are lots of things I (we) would like less of.  For example, I would like less pain, less financial concerns, less pounds around my waist line, less sickness, less accidents, less miles on my car, less war, less anger, less intense heat in the summer, lass dirt floating through the air, less computer problems, less chaos in my life, and the list goes on and on (a friend of mine would like less loneliness in his life!). 

OK, then what would I like more of, you ask?  Before I answer that question, let me guess what many people might say.  I think lots of folks would say that they would like more money, more vacation time, more time with their family, more respect, more property, more control over others, more control over their own destiny, and so forth.  Personally, I would like more time, more talent, more patience, more developed relationship with God, and a more developed relationship with those I love. 

It seems to me, however, that God’s idea of “more” differs from ours.  I think God teaches us to want more hope, more love, more peace, more honesty, more truth, more wisdom, more compassion, more patience, more of a willingness to listen to each other, more of what many of us have not experienced much of in our every day life because we’re much too busy chasing after (wanting more) many things we do not really need! 

Finally, I believe that we often think we know what it would take to improve the quality of our life.  But God is the one who really knows what we need. God is the One who knows the truth of the matter: More of what we truly need will bring us closer to Him and to those we love!

Hey, it’s time for somebody say “Amen!”

Pastor Mike 

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