Prince of Peace

As we continue this week with Isaiah’s names for the coming savior (See Isaiah 9.6, please), I wonder what was going on in his mind when he said this Messiah (Savior-Redeemer) would be called Prince of Peace.

 When we remember the historical situation of Isaiah, it’s surely not hard to believe that people were looking and hoping for peace in their country and consequently peace in their lives. And although I have to do more study, I’m guessing it had been a long time since they had enjoyed anything they might call “peace.”

 Accordingly, as I think of Israel’s rocky, painful, tumultuous and heart-breaking past, I can fully understand that Isaiah would firmly believe that the coming Savior-the One who would redeem and completely heal the brokenness of the world- would finally bring about true peace to the whole human race, and even to all of creation, for that matter.

 Think about it, especially with the chaos that we often read in the daily news, much of which has been striking ground close to home: True peace, as much as we would hope differently, only has a chance among humanity if God Himself is the One to bring it to fruition!

 Finally, as we continue to travel the Advent journey, I invite us all to find some corner in our life where we can genuinely experience and share God’s PeaceEmpower us Lord, to be instruments of The Prince of Peace!

                 Pastor Mike

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