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"I’m Good"

For some reason in our American culture a saying that someone comes up with seems to stick with people to the point that it is passed from person to person with the speed of light.  For example “No worries” was a big one nearly 10 years ago. And at that time “I’m good” was not part of the Urban Dictionary, yet just about EVERYONE was saying to everyone else, “I’m good!” How does that happen?

Invariably, in our day and time if you ask virtually anyone if they want more of something, be it water, food, advice, your chair, or if you ask them “How are you doing?” they will often say to you “I’m good.”  And it’s always left me shaking my head because it’s such an odd response, I think.  “Culture slogans,” for lack of another term, are usually packed with meaning.

In Mark’s Gospel Jesus is approached by a young man who calls him “Good teacher” and although the man is right to call Jesus “good,” Jesus corrects his use of the word.  Some say Jesus wanted the young man to consider more seriously his use of the term “good;” only God is good!

So what does it mean for only God to be good?  And in what way are you and I good?  Perhaps we would benefit from thinking more about God’s call upon our lives and the type of person He is calling us to be.  Are you sure you’re good?

Pastor Mike 

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