Spiritual Cataracts

 I read once that we spend a great deal of time, effort and money protecting our belongings and/or those things that make up who we are.  Believe it or not our time, reputation, hopes, plans, and those things we actually own are all fiercely protected by us.  And in the midst of that “guarding” we often shut others completely out of our lives.  Henri Nouwen would say that when we guard our time and space we do not allow others into our lives, and thus miss out on the special blessings God has planned for us!

 The story is told in the Synoptic Gospels of Jesus, Peter, James and John going up a high mountain where Moses and Elijah appear standing next to Jesus.  Not knowing what to do, or how to react to the amazing change in Jesus’ appearance, Peter’s initial reaction is to build 3 shelters, and protect or hold on to the joy and wonder he is experiencing.  Although this event has a lot of scholars baffled, I think it’s a fitting glimpse of the way many of us want to guard and protect what is ours- so much so that we often forget that the only shelter we will ever have or need is God Himself. Makes you wonder about Peter’s rationale for building the three shelters, right? In what way do the many shelters we build keep us from knowing and understanding Jesus? Are there obstacles that prevent us from clearly seeing  Jesus?

 Finally, as we make the big turn toward the season of Lent this year, Pastor Jon Flint will be the preacher this coming Sunday. Indeed he will share with us the many insights he has gained over the years regarding this important event, which will point us in the right direction and give us a good foundation as we begin the long journey toward Easter morning!

 See you Sunday,

                  Pastor Mike

Worship Sunday at 10.00 AM

If you're seeking a Traditional worship experience, this service is designed for you. Each week worship includes traditional hymns, prayer throughout, shared wisdom from the kids before they go off to Children's Church, and a word from Pastor Mike. The Sacrament of Holy Communion is celebrated the first Sunday of each month.


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