Sounds Like Me

  Most people I know can relate to hearing another person's story and then finding themselves in that same story. Sort of a "Yeah, I've been there" type of thing!

 For the last six weeks we have journeyed together through the Gospel of Luke looking closely at the many stories Jesus told to communicate what God is like as well as the type of person God is looking for; the type of person God is calling each of us to be. Many folks have seen themselves in these stories. And it has been a meaningful assignment for me as well.

 As we bring The Unlikely One sermon series to a conclusion, I think it’s pretty safe to say many of us have been challenged by the thought of people being “unlikely.” Folks have shared with me a cadre of responses all the way from feeling God being close and personal, touching their lives with power, to being disturbed by even the thought of being “unlikely.” And for me, the most important aspect of any of these responses is its honesty. I so appreciate your feedback!

 So what does it mean to you when you see so many unlikely characters portrayed in the Gospel stories? In what way might you be strengthened or bothered by God’s urgency to choose people who are most often overlooked by the world around them? Is it possible, that throughout this sermon series you have said to yourself “This sounds just like me?”

              Pastor Mike


Worship Sunday at 10.00 AM

If you're seeking a Traditional worship experience, this service is designed for you. Each week worship includes traditional hymns, prayer throughout, shared wisdom from the kids before they go off to Children's Church, and a word from Pastor Mike. The Sacrament of Holy Communion is celebrated the first Sunday of each month.


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