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If you're seeking a Traditional worship experience, this service is designed for you. Each week worship includes traditional hymns, prayer throughout, shared wisdom from the kids before they go off to Children's Church, and a word from Pastor Michael.  The Sacrament of Holy Communion is celebrated the first Sunday of each month.



                     Coming this Sunday July 9, 2017

                               Wide, Long, High and Deep

Many folks have been to the Grand Canyon in Arizona.  And given the right time of day, and a clear atmosphere, one can see into the canyon and realize just how deep the canyon is- it is truly amazing.  When you position yourself correctly, you cannot see the end of the canyon.  And when you’re at the bottom (I’ve been part way down the trail), you cannot see the top- although you know it’s there.  Indeed, the Grand Canyon is only somewhat of an example of the immensity of God’s love- because we know that the canyon only extends so far.

According to the Bible God’s love is “wide, long, high and deep.”  And in the midst of a discussion about the possible meaning of those adjectives we came up with another way to describe God's love.  When we say that God’s love is wide we are saying that God’s love is accepting of all; it's all inclusive.  “Long” means God’s love has no end; it is eternal.  “High” means that God’s love is powerful and strong.  And when we say God’s love is “deep” we are saying that God’s love is a complete, passionate love.

Finally I’m left with asking myself how I am doing at loving.  In what way is the love I share with others accepting, eternal, powerful and passionate?  When it comes to loving others like God loves me I know I have a lot of growing to do!

                Pastor Mike


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